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About Find Marketing

Find was the idea of Warren Strybosch.  Warren wanted to find a way to advertise his own accounting and financial planning business in a more affordable fashion.  He thought he would set up his own marketing company.  Looking back he wonders if he was having a moment of delusion thinking that this would be something easy to do.
One thing literally led to another and Find went from offering advertising solutions to finding solutions for Not-For-Profits/Organisations in relation to fund raising.  Side Note:  Warren’s kids were going to kinder and the kinder needed additional funds.  Warren thought he could start something up to help them raise those additional funds.
Find Booklets was born.  Warren ask lots, and I mean lots of businesses, if they were interested in the Find Booklets concept.  As there was a lot of interest Warren decide to launch the Find Booklets in 2012.

Now Find is producing the Find Online Papers where he is incorporating the Find Booklets e.g. coupons/discount offers into the online paper. Find does not want to simply ask people to give their money over to the organisation.  Find wants to provide a product or service that benefits the members who in turn will support their local Not-For-Profits in their local communities.
Find is changing the face of fundraising one Shire at a time.

Find Marketing Pty Ltd trading as Find owns the following trademarks:

Find ®
Find Pages®
Find Services®
Find Quote®
Find Accountant®
Find Financial Planner®

Find was established with the aim of doing three things:

1. Fund Raising – Help Not-For-Profits, Schools, Clubs and other similar Organisations raise funds to support their tireless work in the community.
2. Advertising – Help SME and other businesses to advertise their product and services without hurting the hip pocket.  With some of our offerings we can provide FREE advertising to certain business types.
3. Local Support – We aim to attract customers to local businesses.  Local businesses provide support to our range of offerings which in turn benefits the consumer.  The consumer supports their local Not-For-Profit by purchasing or supporting the use of our products which in turn is helping Local Business.  We are bringing everyone together to support one another.

Find – trying to make a difference in your local area.