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About Find Marketing

Thank you for taking an interest in Find®.

Find started nearly 15 years ago. Warren Strybosch, the founder, wanted to find new ways of marketing his own business but not in the conventional ways that was available at the time e.g. radio, tv, and newspaper. Even when the internet and social media had arrived, he still could see a need for alternative advertising.

Warren’s journey began when he walked away from his teaching job and started his own business nearly 20 years ago. He had the some issues that every other small business was facing:

1. How to get new clients?
2. How to increase brand awareness?
3. How to create long term viable partnerships with other businesses and organisations?
4. How to give back to the community?

Warren realised that traditional advertising was not able to achieve all the above outcomes. In fact, traditional advertising might only create brand awareness but at a significant cost.

Warren also attended networking events but found these were also lacking. For instance, they were all about ‘me’ and not much about helping the community around him.

Warren decided there had to be away combine advertising, networking, supporting local NFP, and making sure the local community also benefited. Basically, to bring everything into one place.

This led Warren to develop online newspapers. The only newspapers will be produced for each Shire across Melbourne. It will enable the following:

a) Allow all Not-For-Profits to advertise for Free.
b) Provide a place where sporting clubs and other local organisations can share their club stories for Free.
c) Enable business owners to write local content for the community to increase their brand awareness.
d) Help restaurants, cafes, takeaways, and entertainment businesses to advertise for Free.
e) Provide the local community with coupon offers from local businesses which in turn is distributed via NFP for the purpose fo the fundraising NFP to raise much needed revenue to keep operating.

It is about everyone winning. It is advertising initiative that brings everyone together to support one another.

This is still a new initiative but is growing very quickly but we need all of your help:

  • We are looking for business owners who would like to join one of our groups in each shire. Only one business type can join in each shire. You can go to to express your interest in joining and securing your business category.
  • We are looking for restaurants, cafes, takeaways and entertainment businesses who would like to place coupon offers in our local papers for Free. This will help the NFP to raise funds via the Find Cards which gain access to your offers that are placed in the online papers. You can submit your offers via the online newspaper in your local region.
  • We are looking for those in the local community who would like a Find Card to gain access to the offers that will be provided by the restaurants etc. You can register your interest via the online paper in your local region.

Find Pty Ltd (formally Find Marketing Pty Ltd) trading as Find owns the following trademarks:

Find ®
Find Pages®
Find Services®
Find Quote®
Find Accountant®
Find Financial Planner®
Find Accountant®
Find Realestate Agent®
and many more.

Links to some of our online newspapers:

with more to come.

Find – trying to make a difference in your local area.