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Find Online Papers
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Find Online Papers ® are the next generation of Online NewsPapers bringing the community together.

Find wants to provide everything in one place that benefits everyone in the local community.  To provide a platform for NFPs to advertise for FREE, to allow business owners to obtain exclusivity with in a specific Shire, and provide the community with relevant information and opportunities. 

Find Online Papers 

Find will be producing the first online booklet for the Maroondah Shire and Geelong Shire.  Currently the online paper is in its ‘soft launch’ phase and seeking partnerships with local businesses.

If you are a local business who wants the following then contact Find:

  1. Exclusive Advertising in the Online Paper.  When you become a partner with Find, you will restrict other similar businesses from advertising in the online paper with in the particular Shire you work in.
  2. Columnist contributor.  You will have the opportunity to write an article relating to your business.  This is a great way to promote your business and educate the local community about how good your business is.
  3. More Clients.  If you are looking for new clients then come along to the monthly meetings.  Not only do we discuss the online paper and the articles each business owner will be contributing, it provides you an opportunity to meet other like-minded business individuals who may refer you new clients once they get to know you.

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Find Booklet – Sections

Depending on what type of business you operate will determine which section of the Find Online Paper you can advertise in or place your offers into:

  1. Columnist section
  2. Real Estate section
  3. Real Estate Agent section
  4. Not For Profit section
  5. Sports section
  6. Car section
  7. Coupons section

Note: Businesses listed in sections are used as examples only to show what the section will look like.

Coupon Offer – Sections

Find Local Coupons

Local Coupon Design

Find Dining

Find Dining Design

Brekky, Brunch & Lunch

Brekky, Brunch & Lunch Design

Find Takeaway


Find Coffee

Find Coffee Design

100 Free Coffees

100 Free Coffee Design

Entertainment & Travel

Find Entertainment Design

Find Pages

Find Pages Design

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The type of coupon offers that can be placed into each section and pricing are listed below:

Options HeadingSection options 1 Section options 2

Note: Each business is entitled to place their first ‘Double-Sided’ Offer into a Find Booklet for FREE if they are not able to go into any of the other sections.

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If you wish to place a display ad in one of the Find Booklets you will need to Email or call Find on
1300 88 38 30.

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Free Advertising Opportunities

If you are a Not-For-Profit and have an event coming up then we will advertise that event for you.

If you are an Employer looking for a new staff member, we will provide you free advertising to help you find someone who can fulfil that position for you.

If you are a Restaurant, Cafe, Takeaway or business that provides entertainment services (not adult entertainment), we will provide free advertising to you.  You will be able to place free coupon offers each month.

We hope you will enjoy the Find Online Papers.

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