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Find Booklets – What do customers get?

How does it work for the Community?MC-340513613-1

Organisations will receive Find Flyers which will contain the Find Cards.  The Organisation will pass on the Find Cards to their members with in the Community.  The Find Cards are linked to the Find Booklets that contain all the offers provided by the Local businesses.

Local businesses place offers in the Find Booklets and in return the Community supports the local businesses by using the supplied offers in the Find Booklets.  Everybody wins.

What does the Member of the Community need to do?

1. You will receive a Find Flyer with the Find Cards contained within.  There will be two types of flyers.  One flyer will only contain the Melbourne Find Cards.  The Melbourne Find Cards contain all the offers provided by Restaurants, Cafes, Entertainment business and so on. Basically, any business we fill you would consider worth travelling too will be placed on the Melbourne Find Card.  The second type of Flyer will contain a Melbourne Find Card as well as a Local Find Card.  For instance, in Banyule, the Community will receive two Find Cards.  The Banyule Local Card will include local businesses with in the immediate vicinity of Banyule eg., Hairdressers, Fitness Centres, Clothing Stores and so on.

2. Once you receive your Find Flyer please read through it to check if any discounts codes are available.  For 2014 everyone will be provided with a Discount Code.  This Discount Code will enable you to register for FREE.  Last year it cost $30 to receive a Find Booklet and use the offers contained with in.  This year we are providing it all for FREE.  Why?  We want everyone to get use to the new Find Cards and it gives us time as a small business to iron out any issues that may arise.

3. On the Find Cards there will be a removable sticker.  The sticker contains the website details where you need to go to register your Find Cards.

4. The Find Cards must be registered before they can be used. This is important as you will be provided with a code to place on your card called the CN (Customer Number).  The Business owners will be check the CN on the Find Card to make sure you have registered the Find Card.

5. When you go to the website you will be asked to sign in.  Everyone will have to sign in as a new Customer to begin with.

6. Fill in your details.  It is important to provide a relevant email address as this will be the only way we can inform you of any updates of Offers that we will be placing in the Find Booklets.  During the year businesses will come on board and/or change their offers.  You will want to be kept abreast of these changes so that you can get as much use from your Find Cards as possible.

7. During the registration process you will be asked to nominate which organisation provided you with a Find Booklet.  Please fill this in if you know it.

8.  You will be provided with your Customer Number (CN).  This CN must be written down onto your card.  This is very important.  Businesses will know if a CN is valid or not.  A CN that is incorrect will result in non acceptance of the Find Card and/or confiscation of the Find Card.  Please place the correct CN on your card when displayed.  It is imperative you do not show that CN to anyone else and keep it secure.  Each Customer is entitled to an offer provided by a business once only.  If a CN is used more than once the Find Card in question may be confiscated as fraud might be occurring.

9. During the registration process you will be taken to our secure Payment screen.  We use eWay and NAB to process our payments.  If a discount code was provided with your Find Cards then please use it now otherwise you will pay the full price for the booklet ie., $30.  All Find Booklets and Cards will cost nothing to register in 2014.  Find is giving over 30,000 Find Cards away in 2014 for FREE

10.  Once you have signed your card and have written down the CN, you will be able to use the offers that are available.

12.  The final step is to view the latest Find Booklet.  The Find Booklets will be displayed on the left hand side of most pages on our website.  Please view the Find Booklet that is most relevant to you.  For instance, if you receive the Find Boroondara Card with the Find Melbourne Card then view the Find Boroondara Booklet.  However, if you receive only the Find Melbourne Card then we suggest just viewing the Find Melbourne Booklet.

11.  Please read our emails that we send out.  Our aim is not to send spam but to inform you of the new offers that area available when a new business comes on board.  You can also view our Find Booklets as these will be updated with the offers.  The Find Booklets can be viewed via this website.  You will be able to view the Find Booklets via any computer or mobile device.

We truly hope you will enjoy using the Find Booklets.  We hope it saves you money whilst at the same time helping the organisation you belong to and the Local businesses in your area.