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Schools & Not-For-Profits

FInd Booklets – Everyone wins


Are you looking for an easy way to raise funds for your organisation and provide value to your members? We have worked hard to provide you with the solution.

Find® is producing local booklets called the Find Booklets® that your members will want to use.


How it Works:

  1. Find provides you with the Find Flyers which contain the Find Cards. In 2014 Find will give away 30,000 Find Cards to organisations across Melbourne.  In turn, the organisation will pass on the booklets to their members in their community. Next year, we hope to grow that number to 50,000.
  2. Each member will register and activate the Find Card they receive. Each Find Card will have a removable sticker on it stating where to activate the Find Card online.
  3. During registration, the member will be provided with a Card Number ‘CN’ upon registering the Find Card. All Find Cards must display the correct CN if they wish to access the offers in the Find Booklets.
  4. During the registration process the member will nominate which organisation provided them with the Find Cards. The organisation nominated will receive an email indicating that the member has register their card and made the necessary payment.
  5. When the registrations have completed Find will pay the organisation via EFT their component of the revenue generated.
  6. The Full version of the Find Booklet, containing the offers from all the businesses, will be viewable online. The Find Booklets can be viewed from any mobile device.  To view one of the Find Booklets select the Find Booklet on the left of this screen.
  7. Each month Find will email all the members to inform them of the new offers that have been added to the Find Booklet.  A new version of the Find Booklet will be made available online for viewing.


Normally, the Find Booklets would sell for $30. As it is the first year of the release of the NEW Find Booklets with Find Cards, Find will be given away the 30,000 Find Cards. For 2015, Find will produce up to 50,000 Find Cards and provide these to the organisations. It is recommended that the Find Cards and access to the Find Booklet offers are sold for $10 in 2015 for which the organisation will receive 50% of the proceeds. Each Find Flyer will contain a discount code to allow members to pay less upon registration.

Find Booklets ™ are different:

  • They will eventually contain up to 2400 offers ie. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offers, 20% OFF the TOTAL BILL and much more.
  • Any business type can place an offer in the Find Booklets. *Unlike our competitors, we will not restrict your business from placing an offer in one of our booklets
  • ^The booklet will be sold for $30 (not for $65). Therefore, more affordable to more families.
  • The Find Cards can easily be carried around in a wallet or a ladies handbag.  No more carrying around a large book or forgetting the book and missing out on that specific deal.  How many times did you forget that big book and miss out on that deal?
  • We are 100% Australian owned and not owned by an American company or Affiliated with an American company like our competitors.
  • We support part-time mothers who own/manage regions across Melbourne.  Would you like to manage/own a region on behalf of Find?  We are offering FREE regions before we franchise.  Loyalty is rewarded.

In the future, the cost to register the Find Cards will be $30.   For each member who registers their Find Cards, your organisation could generate between $13 and $15.

How your Organisation can raise funds

How your Organisation can raise funds


We will be printing between 5000 – 10,000 Find Cards per Shire. With newly established Shires we will be starting with 2,000 Find Cards.  We are only looking for 20-30 Not-For-Profit organisations or Schools to distribute the Find Cards and use this as one of their fund raising initiatives.

Once all the Find Cards are allocated, the opportunity to distribute the Cards will be lost and your opportunity to raise easy funds for your organisation will close.

This may be your last chance to act.

If you are serious about fund raising then you need to find out more about this unique opportunity.

Call FIND now on 1300 88 38 30.

^Unless when provided for promotional purposes ie., in 2014 registration will be FREE.
* Unless all positions are taken and/or if better offers are provided.