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Every Business is entitled to place an offer in the Find Booklets for FREE.  

Often we are asked ‘what the catch is’?  There is no ‘catch’ or ‘trick’.  The way it works is that you place an offer in our booklets.  We give those booklets to Not-For-Profits who sell the booklets to their members to raise funds for their organisation.  The members go to your business to redeem your offer.

Overall, EVERYONE WINS by supporting each other.


To sign up follow the below steps:

STEP 1:  Open the Order Form and Print it (Find Booklet Order Form – 2014).

Order Form

Note:   If you wish to purchase Display Advertising in the Find Booklets you will need to contact Find on 1300 88 38 30 or Email Find.

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Display Ad Pricing

STEP 2:   Fill it in.

STEP 3:   Email ( or Fax the Order Form back to Find

STEP 4:   Email Find the following after you send us the Order Form:

– Business Contact Details
– Description (no more than 100 words)
– Logo
– Photo (if required – refer to back to sections)
– Menu
– Half Page Ad (Find Pages Only)

STEP 5:   Find will design your offer (as per our template for each section)

STEP 6:   Find will email you the design proof for your acceptance.

STEP 7:   Once we receive approval of proof we will place in our Find Booklets.

 STEP 8:    Updating Offers – Steps involved

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each business to notify Find if they wish to change/remove/add an offer/s by the 31st of Jan each year.  If Find does not hear from the business Find will repeat the offer in the next years booklet edition until notified otherwise. 

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